How to Evaluate Your Company’s Social Presence in 30 Minutes or Less

Social media presence

When we create a marketing plan for a new client, the very first thing we do is evaluate their social presence. Some clients have no presence at all as they are just starting with their business or are getting their social media set up for the first time. However, the majority of businesses have at least a Facebook page or are on Yelp. If you are in the latter category, this article is for you.

Google Your Business

The very first thing to do when evaluating your social presence is to Google your business name. If you have had a website for a while, you will likely be on Yelp! or the Yellow Pages or some other list-type site. Open every single listing that shows your business name – including your website.

Ask Yourself These Questions

Now that you have every single social profile open, take a look at them and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is the information in my profile accurate?
  1. Does the profile include my website address, phone number and/or physical address?
  1. Do all of the links that I use in my profile work? (This is something you need to test on your website as well as other social profiles)
  1. When is the last time I posted to this site?
  1. Does this site have new features that I could use to improve my profile?

Make a “Fix It” List

Once you have answered each of these questions thoroughly, make a to do list that addresses each question in turn. Perhaps you need to write a new bio or get an updated business description onto your profiles. You might also need to “claim” your profile if it’s simply an automatic posting on Yelp or the Yellow Pages.

Seek Out Your Target Demographic

Locate where your target demographics are most likely to be online. For example, if you are a real estate agent, one of your ideal demographics is going to be women over 30 years old, as women often make decisions about home buying. This means you may want to consider opening a Pinterest account – as 85% of the 100 million active users on Pinterest are women.

Build Your Social Media To Do List

Once you have discovered where your target market is online, create a “to do” list that covers building a profile and ongoing management of the social media related to that profile.

This is a quick look at how we evaluate a company’s social media presence and social media needs when we are asked for an estimate. Want us to do this task for you? Just contact Julia Shaw today.

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